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Welcome to Lighthouse Missions

Lighthouse Mission International is a Charity registered in England and Wales charity number 1126496 whose main objective is the alleviation of poverty in Africa.  LMI links various partners in poverty eradication through; Relief, Education, Social and Economic Development.
Our activities are aimed at promoting viable solutions for poverty eradication and development through; Organisational capacity development, Appraising economic/business initiatives, Education, Health and Mobilising communities and positive action for poverty eradication, and wellbeing.
We welcome enquiries and support from supporting partners, implementing partners, beneficiary partners, and technical partners, Churches, Corporate bodies and Individuals.

Lighthouse Missions International’s Missions is to be a catalyst for poverty alleviation through; development and advancement of communities and individuals in a turbulent modern society. Our vision is to contribute to global efforts in alleviating poverty, ignorance, poor health, human rights abuse and deprivation of all kind.
We strive to create awareness of the rights and opportunities for the promotion of the welfare of the less advantaged and low income people in society. 
We work in Africa with goals that change and eradicate the causes of poverty, and strive to achieve equality, dignity, freedom and wellbeing without discrimination.

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